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The Spinspeare

The Spinspeare

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This is an interesting glass that will relax you with a funny sense of humor. With a hemisphere at the bottom, it would never sit still on the table as typical glasses do. Watching the glass spin around on the table is such a fun and unique way to enjoy your whiskey, and makes any drinking occasion more interesting.

Whether you're chatting with friends or taking a moment for yourself, the Spinspeare Whiskey Glass is sure to keep you entertained.

[Sold in a set of 2]


- Set of 2 whiskey glasses with gift box
- Lead-free glass material, Durable to last countless sessions
- A great way to fidget and have fun while drinking
- Break the ice with guests with ease
- Recyclable cardboard packaging


Height: 3.14” | 8.00 cm
Width: 3.77” | 9.60 cm (Diameter)
Depth: 2.625” | 6.67 cm (Diameter)
Weight: 0.88 lb | 400 g
Volume: 10 oz | 300 mL
Materials: Glass

Care information

- Wash whisky glasses with hot soapy water, no detergents or anything else
- Dishwasher safe. Best to wash with hand right after usage to prevent residue.
- Rinse thoroughly with warm water.
- Dry thoroughly with soft cloth and store separately and in upright position
- Do not use abrasive materials, scouring powder or bottle brushes to clean.
- Do not pour boiling water directly.

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I invited some friends over for drinks and we all gathered around the table to give it a spin. We laughed and joked as we watched the glass spin around crazily on the tabletop. It was such a fun experience and added an extra dimension to our get-together.

Spinning without spilling a single drop

This whisky glass was made for drinking and fidgeting. It's perfect for spinning around the table without spilling a single drop. It's also great for enjoying your favorite drink in style. Whether you're taking a break from work or winding down after a long day, this glass is sure to make your evening that much more enjoyable.

Crystal-clear transparency

The transparent whisky glass was a beautiful thing to behold. It shone with the slightest of light, as if it were a precious diamond. The glass was made of premium-grade crystal, with great craftsmanship. The glass is clear, letting you see the amber liquid swirl around as you hold it up to the light. You can feel the coolness of the glass in your hand, a gentle reminder that autumn is just around the corner.

Rounded cup rim

The transparent whisky glass has a rounded mouth with fine and smooth finish. It was carefully crafted to level up your drinking sensation. The rim is fit perfectly for lips, as it curves inward ever so slightly. This allows the drinker to take in the aroma of the liquor before indulging. The glass is also designed to let you enjoy every last sip, without any pesky residues left on the sides.

Thick and steady hemisphere

The whisky glass had a thick bottom that ensured the heat would stay in and not causing any scalding on the table. The carefully weighted glass keep the liquid inside stayed in place while spinning around. It was a beautiful sight to behold, the liquid sloshing around and creating hypnotizing patterns.


Frequently asked questions

Which is the best whisky glass?

Choosing a whisky glass can depend on your personal preference, but some shapes may make for an enjoyable drinking experience.

The tulip-shape allows you to enjoy more of the aromas from your drink as it swirls around in the glass. A highball allows scents to escape so you can smell them- perfect if you don't want too much alcohol! The rocks glass will feel larger than others because it's wider at the dish than it is tall, and designed for taking shots or adding ice cubes. It also feels cool when compared with other glasses which makes drinking chilled beverages even more enjoyable!

Why do I need a whisky glass?

A whisky glass is designed specifically for enjoying whisky. The shape of the glass directs the aromas of the whisky to your nose, allowing you to enjoy all the flavors and aromas of your drink. Additionally, the thick bottom of a whisky glass helps to keep your drink cold for longer.

What is the correct glass for whiskey?

There is no right answer to this question. Any glass will make your drinking experience more or less pleasurable depending on the individual.

The best response to this question is, "Whichever glass you have handy." Many people, however, have become interested in collecting whiskey glasses. This is because glasses are being designed with the specific intent of enhancing a particular type of whiskey drinking experience.

Can I use a single whisky cup for all whisky?

Technically, you can. But we don't recommend it for obvious reasons.

Different types of whisky need different glasses because each one has specific characteristics that can be highlighted with the shape and volume of the cup. For example, a glass to celebrate scotch must have more volume so that it releases all its aroma, whereas if you use the same glass for an Irish whiskey or rye, you will lose much of its aroma.

What are the glasses that have more volume?

If you prefer to taste your whisky with all its nuances, then the best option would be a glass of tulip shape, with a wide body and narrower neck.

But if what you are looking for is an experience rich in color, temperature variations, or how it evolves on the palate, it is best to opt for an old-fashioned style glass, with straight walls and short stem.

How should I clean my whisky glass?

Proper cleaning of the glasses must be done before you use them for the first time or when they are dirty for what you have used them so that no other flavor remains in them. The process is very simple, you have to combine three tablespoons of white vinegar to a liter of water and rinse the cups with this solution before giving them a final rinse with clean water.

What is the best way to dry my whisky glass?

The ideal way to dry your glasses would be that they are always washed by hand, as it allows you to control the process and not end up with residual moisture. In this way, you can dry them by hand using a clean cloth and taking care to leave no water mark. If you do not have many glasses, we recommend drying them on top of the dishwasher so that they do not accumulate dirt or other residues and easily catch dust and dirt in storage.

What is the best way to take care of my whisky glass?

The best way to do this would be a gentle handwashing with warm water and a mild detergent, always rinsing thoroughly, especially after washing the cups. Also, make sure that you do not leave them in the sink or other place where they can accumulate dirt.

How long does a whisky glass last?

If you take good care of your glasses, they can last for many years. But remember that they are made of glass, so if they fall down or you subject them to some very strong shock, it is possible that they break.

Your glass. Your way.

The whisky glass sits on the bar, invitingly empty. It seems to call out to anyone who walks by, begging to be filled with the amber liquid and enjoyed. The bartender knows that each person who picks up the glass will have a different experience, depending on their mood and what they're looking for.

Some people take a sip and savor the flavor, appreciating all the work that went into making the drink. Others drink it down quickly, needing the buzz to help them forget their troubles. And then there are those who use it as an excuse to talk to someone they find attractive. Each person brings something new to the glass, making it special in its own way.